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Cause scanner to beep. I have an application where I am connecting one laptop to up to 3 WWS800 or WWS850 Bluetooth scanners. Is there a command sequence I can send out the com port to. Ingenico Group is the global leader Corp to unveil an SUV that can also pay for parking from the driver’s integrate payment into connected devices. Download the latest drivers for your Hypercom to keep your Computer up-to-date. To download the proper driver, please find the category of your Hypercom device and click the link. Resource Library. Search through our online library of resources that you can download. Driver’s License number must be entered into the terminal. Merchant is responsible for accuracy of DL#. A printed name and current phone number must be written on the receipt. If using an imager, the phone # must be on the check. Upon notification of a returned check, merchant must provide their service. The Hypercom P1300 PINpad is the new PCI-PED compliant PINpad from Hypercom. It is a very low cost PINpad designed to replace the S9 and older Pinpads. This PINpad is designed to work with all older Hypercom terminals, but please check with your current processor before ordering to.

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The Hypercom P1300 PINpad is the new PCI-PED compliant PINpad from Hypercom. It is a very low cost PINpad designed to replace the S9 and older Pinpads.

Hypercom Driver

This PINpad is designed to work with all older Hypercom terminals, but please check with your current processor before ordering to ensure compatibility.

Detailed Description:

The Hypercom P1300 PCI-approved PIN entry device is designed to meet the PCI PED security standards for PIN entry, providing merchants with low-cost
migration to newly imposed security guidelines. It is compatible with all Hypercom product families and features flexible communications options for rapid integration with electronic cash register (ECR) systems.


  • Simple, functional design provides low-cost migration to new PCI PED security standards
  • Can be equipped with Hypercom standard RS-422, RS-232, or USB Client for easy integration with existing POS equipment
  • Operates with any Hypercom terminal that uses DUKPT encryption automatically by simply plugging the unit into the payment device's PIN pad port
  • Uses the same key loading system (HKLM) as previous generation PIN pads to save customers time and money on new equipment and training


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  • Provides clear instructions to the user facilitating the transaction process
  • Features customary keypad layout with easily identifiable function keys that are fully compliant with industry standards
  • Includes three soft keys below the display that provide users more control over the transaction process
  • Compact design ensures users can easily handle the unit and allows them freedom to further shield their PIN entry with their body or hand


  • Supports both DES and Triple DES DUKPT encryption to protect valuable cardholder PIN information
  • Tamper-proof design meets stringent security standards that safeguard the device from external attacks
  • Meets new PCI PED security guidelines

Product Specifications:

2 x 16 characters

Elastomeric: 16 keys, water splash-resistant, hard keycaps

RS-422 PIN pad port (standard)
RS-232 or USB client (optional)

5v @ 240mA - 12v @ 100mA (standard)

3.31 in x 6.02 in x 1.30 in (L x W x H)

0.40 lbs/0.18 kg

100,000 hours (MTBF calculated)

Temperature: 0-45°C/32-115°F
Humidity: Max 85%, non-condensing
ESD: 12,000 volts

Physical: PCI-PED approved; intrusion detection

T7P & T7P-T
The Hypercom T7P or T7P-T, with its ability to support draft capture, debit, check and credit card processing, is the right choice for your POS product needs. The T7P and the T7P-T, equipped with either an impact printer or thermal printer respectively, are both offered at the same low price and feature the same compact design. In addition, the unique replaceable printer module in both models eliminates the reliability problem that afflicts other integrated terminals.


Small footprint.
Easy to learn and simple to use 35 Key keyboard.
Under 10 second dial transaction response times.
User replaceable printer module.

T7 Plus
The Hypercom T7 Plus is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal accepting all magnetic stripe cards and delivering fast online transaction authorizations. It offers low overall cost of ownership thanks to its high reliability, communications capabilities, easy operation and advanced remote software management. The T7 Plus delivers a powerful feature set in an attractive, compact design.


35-key keyboard allows one-step initiation of all daily functions and transaction types.
External PIN pad can be attached where required.
New SureLoad printer with significantly faster receipts delivery allows paper rolls to simply be dropped in place without feeding through slots and rollers.
Triple track reader reads driver's licenses for positive ID.

T77 & T77-T The T77 and T77-T are high-performance terminals that support credit, debit, check and proprietary card processing. Like the T7P, the T77 model is offered with either an impact or thermal printer, both which are high-speed and easily replaceable.

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Fast and user-friendly
Small footprint
Easy to learn 35 key keyboard
512K memory
Easy to change paper and ribbons.