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Yocto BSP Layer - Hilscher netX4000 SoC 2.1 Included drivers 2.2 How to use it 2.2.1 Enabling verified boot 2.3 Creating own machines 2.4 Creating bootable images 2.4.1 SD/MMC card 2.4.2 NAND flash 2.4.3 USB stick 1. Hilscher NET Link. The Hilscher NetLink driver provides Simatic MPI communication to Siemens devices via the Hilscher ‘NetLink’ Ethernet interface. This driver was designed specifically for the use with Siemens S7 300 and 400 and VIPA System 200V, 300V, 300S and 500S series.

The netXnetwork controller family (based on ASICs), developed by Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, is a solution for implementing all proven Fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems. It was the first Multi-Protocol ASIC which combines Real-Time-Ethernet and Fieldbus System in one solution. The Multiprotocol functionality is done over a flexible cpu sub system called XC. Through exchanging some microcode the XC is able to realize beside others a PROFINET IRT Switch, EtherCAT Slave, Ethernet Powerlink HUB, PROFIBUS, CAN bus, CC-Link Industrial Networks Interface.

The Hilscher netX family[edit]

Hilscher driver download windows 7
ControllernetX 10netX 52netX 51netX 90[1]netX 100netX 500netX 4100[2]netX 4000
CPU modelsARM 966/xPICARM 966/xPICARM 966/xPIC2* ARM Cortex®-M4ARM 926 + MMU/-ARM 926 + MMU/-ARM Cortex®-R7ARM Cortex®-R7 /

Dual Cortex®-A9

CPU clock100 MHz100 MHz100 MHz100 MHz200 MHz200 MHz400 MHz400 MHz / 600 MHz
RAM / ROM396kB/64kB672kB/64kB672kB/64kB576kB+64kB/ 96kB144kB/32kB144kB/32kB2080kB/ 2x 128kB /2x 32kB L11568kB/ 2x 128kB /2x 32kB L1

512kB / Dual 2x 32 kB L1, 512 kB L2

MemoryI/F Parallel/Serials-/SQI XiP-/SQI XiP8, 16, 32 Bit/ SQI XiPSQI XiP8, 16, 32 Bit/-8, 16, 32 Bit/-16/32-bit16/32-bit
xC Channels12223444
IEEE 1588 Sys Timer/EthernetPHY (10/100 mbps)1/Single-PHY2/Dual-PHY 10/1002/Dual-PHY 10/1002/Dual-PHY 10/1001/Dual-PHY 10/1001/Dual-PHY 10/1001/Dual-PHY

MAC Dual 10/100/1000

1/Dual-PHY 10/100

MAC Dual 10/100/1000



IO-Link Master Ports4488--88
ADC Channels2*8--2*22*42*42*42*4
USB 1.1 Device/HostD/-D/-D/-D/-D/HD/HD/-D/-
WDC/Timer Counters2/72/102/104*32-bit / 8*32-bit1/51/51/21/2
MMIO*/GPIO*/PIO0/8/2440/32/6248/32/6216/8/490/16/840/16/8440 + 43 / 16 / 840 + 43 / 16 / 8
Package Size (mm)/Type (pins)13*13/BGA(197)15*15/BGA(244)19*19/BGA(324)10*10/BGA(144)22*22/BGA(345)22*22/BGA(345)23*23/BGA(420)27*27/BGA(596)
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Multiplex Matrix IOs (MMIO)[edit]

The Multiplex Matrix is a set of PINs which could be configured freely with peripheral functions. Options are CAN, UART, SPI, I2C, GPIOs**, PIOs and SYNC Trigger.



The GPIOs from Hilscher are able to generate Interrupts, could count level or flags, or could be connected to a timer unit to auto generate a PWM. The Resolution of the PWM is normally 10ns. In some netX ASICS is a dedicated Motion unit with a resolution if 1ns is available.


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Hilscher Driver Download

Hilscher Driver Download Windows 7

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