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For more information, visit the myColorado website. If you need assistance with the myColorado application orthe Digital ID, please email the myColorado support team at [email protected]

What is myColorado?

myColorado is the State of Colorado's official mobile app, providing residents with secure andconvenient access to state services anytime, anywhere. The app's newest feature, Colorado DigitalID, gives residents the ability to create an electronic version of their Colorado driver license or
state identification (ID) card on their smartphone as proof of identity within the state. You can also use the app to renew a Colorado driver license, securely store personal and payment information easily search state services, and receive notifications for important state information. The myColorado mobile app with Colorado Digital ID will be available in the fall of 2019.

What is Colorado Digital ID?

Colorado Digital ID is an electronic representation of a Colorado driver license or state ID stored within the myColorado app Wallet. It is proof of identity, age, and address for interacting with government agencies and businesses within Colorado. The Colorado Digital ID is a secure, unique visual representation of what has traditionally been the legally accepted official physical format of a person's identification.

What do I need to get my Colorado Digital ID?

Colorado residents will need a valid Colorado driver license or identification card, email address and the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number(ITIN) to create their Digital ID. Please note, if you do not have a SSN or ITIN, you will not be able to validate your Digital ID. The ability to create a Digital ID without an SSN or ITIN is planned for a future release of the app.

How do I create a Colorado Digital ID?

Create your Colorado Digital ID from within the myColorado mobile app. First, download the app onyour smartphone from Google Play or the App Store, then set up a profile using your current Coloradodriver license or state ID, and complete the setup process

Who accepts the Colorado Digital ID?

On October 30, 2019, Governor Polis issued an Executive Order stating that:

  • Beginning on October 30, 2019, Colorado Digital ID shall be authorized, and may be accepted, as a legal form of personal identification for use in Colorado.
  • Beginning December 1, 2019, all executive branch agencies may accept Colorado Digital ID as a method to prove a person's identity where a physical driver license or other State identification is currently required.
  • All state law enforcement agencies are initially exempt from the directives in this Executive Order and are encouraged to accept Colorado Digital ID by November 30, 2020.

This means that merchants may start accepting Colorado Digital ID for proof of identity and age within Colorado on October 30, 2019, and state agencies may start accepting it on December 1, 2019. Because Colorado Digital ID will be accepted over time, and law enforcement is not required to accept it initially, Coloradans may use their Digital ID for convenience but must also carry their physical driver license or state ID.

Do I need to also carry my physical driver license or state identification?

Yes, continue to carry your physical driver license or state ID card. During the transition to Digital ID, you'll need your physical ID for interactions with state law enforcement and for use with Colorado government agencies and businesses who aren't yet set up to accept Colorado Digital ID. You'll also need your physical ID for use at airports.

How is the Colorado Digital ID protected against fraud?
The Colorado Digital ID includes advanced security features to protect against fraud, including a free-floating hologram image that moves when the Digital ID is rotated and the ability to press the ID to enlarge the text. There are several ways to test that a Colorado Digital ID is legitimate:
  1. Ask the holder to rotate the phone to see if the free-floating flower hologram appears to move. If the image on the phone is a static photo, the hologram will not move indicating a counterfeit.
  2. Ask the holder to press on the Digital ID so you can see if the text size changes.
  3. Ask the holder to close the app, restart it, log back in, and show their Colorado Digital ID within the myColorado app.

If you're still unsure that the person is who they say they are, you can ask to see their physical driver license or ID card. Colorado Digital ID is a complement to the physical ID at this time, not a replacement for it.

Who has access to the personal data I enter into the myColorado app?

When using the myColorado app, your data is protected through the use of industry-leading multi-factor authentication (MFA) and data encryption for privacy and security throughout the app. There are only two instances in which your data could be shared securely with a third party while using the app:

During Account Registration:As part of the registration process, the data you provide is used to verify your identity by comparing it to the data in the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles' database and performing 'Customer Identification' checks commonly used by banks and other financial institutions. These third-party identity verification services are highly secure regulated by the federal government, and the data is never stored by them since it is only used for the length of time it takes for you to register your account.

To Make a Payment or Store Payment Information:Once your account has been created, your data is never shared again with third parties unless you choose the option to process a payment or store your payment information. For these services, the myColorado app uses a payment processor that is industry certified at the highest level (PCI Level 1). The app must provide your personal payment information to process a payment in the same manner that any other checkout process requires at the time of purchase or point of sale.

With the exception of the two momentary and widely accepted scenarios noted above, all other activity and data remains private and securely encrypted throughout myColorado, and is specific to only your use within the app and the incorporated state services. The myColorado team and State of Colorado take the privacy and protection of your personal data very seriously. If you have questions about your data privacy, please contact us at [email protected] or call (303) 562-9855.

Will my personal information in myColorado be compromised if my phone is lost or stolen?

Like any app, you should protect it with your phone's biometric features, such as a thumbprint or facial recognition. These features are enabled by default in myColorado based on what you have already set up on your phone. Enabling thumbprint or facial recognition will help ensure that no one except you will be able to login to the app and access your information.

Gwy Driver License

Is there a way to protect my personal information that is not needed for identity verification?

Yes, myColorado allows you to hide information that is not pertinent to your use. For instance, if you are entering a restaurant that serves alcohol, you can choose to hide your address and even your birthdate using the toggle settings in the app, there is an indicator that will let the merchant see that you are over 21.

Is myColorado secure?

Personal information in myColorado is protected by industry-leading multi-factor authentication and data encryption for privacy and security throughout the app. myColorado employs user authentication, validation, and federation on several levels to ensure the identity of the user and that alI have a regular driver license and a commercial driver license permit.

Can I set up more than one Colorado Digital ID?

The Digital ID allows for only one credential at this time. You would be able to replace your regular driver license with your commercial driver license once issued.

Can a Colorado Digital ID be stored on a device outside the myColorado app?

No, not at this time. The official Colorado Digital ID can only be created using the myColorado mobile application and it can only be stored and displayed from the Wallet within the app. A screenshot of the ID will not be valid proof of identity because it does not contain the security features built into the Colorado Digital ID.

Can merchants scan the 2D barcode on a Colorado Digital ID just as they do for physical cards?

Yes, the swipe-left functionality will display the “back” of the ID with the barcode.

If a merchant suspects a Colorado Digital ID is fraudulent, what should they do?

Ask to see the physical driver license or state ID card.

Can a Colorado Digital ID be used if there is no cellular network or Wi-Fi available?

Once a Colorado Digital ID has been created within the myColorado app and the setup process completed, it can be displayed when needed even if there is no cellular or Wi-Fi service available.

Does a Colorado Digital ID expire?

Yes, the Colorado Digital ID will need to be renewed at the same interval as your physical driver license or state ID card. The Colorado Digital ID will update automatically as the data or status of your physical driver license or state ID card changes.'

Can I use my Colorado Digital ID out-of-state or for airline travel?

No, the Colorado Digital ID is currently only authorized for in-state use for non-law enforcement activities. Once the industry Mobile Driver License (mDL) and federal REAL ID Act standards for digital licenses are clarified, inter-state use will be supported. There is no firm timeline for this. Continue to take your physical ID to the airport and when traveling outside of Colorado.

What is the difference between a Colorado Digital ID and a mobile driver license?
GWY Driver

The Colorado Digital ID is only valid within Colorado. The Mobile Driver License (mDL) is an evolving standard that will allow the federal government and states to accept electronically issued driver licenses and other identification. Colorado will support the mDL standard in a future myColorado release once official standards are identified.

Can law enforcement ask to see a physical ID card along with the Colorado Digital ID?

Yes, a member of law enforcement can ask you to display a physical driver license or ID card at any time. Law enforcement is not required to support the Colorado Digital ID at this time.

What happens if I'm in an accident or incapacitated. How will first responders know who I am if I have Colorado Digital ID, but no physical driver license or ID card?

Both Apple and Android phones allow you to provide emergency contact information that anyone can view. Here are two resources for adding emergency contact information on your Apple iOS or Android phone

If I make a change to my profile information in the More tab, will it be reflected in my Digital ID?

Changes you make to your profile in the More tab will not be reflected in your Digital ID. However, if you make changes to your profile information during the driver license renewal process, those changes will be uploaded to the DMV database and will be reflected in both your Digital ID and your physical driver license.

If I renew my driver license with a new picture, when will it appear in my Digital ID?

It may take a few days for your picture to be updated in your Digital ID.

I am having a problem or have questions about the Renew a Driver License section of the app?

Questions about this service within the myColorado app can be directed to the DMV by going to and clicking the Contact Us tab.

I am trying to use a myColorado service and it says I have to go to a DMV location, why?

There are some circumstances for which an in-person visit to a DMV location is mandatory to renew a document. If your question is specifically related to driver license renewal, you can go and click the Contact Us tab to find an office near you.

Can I use the myColorado app on a tablet or iPad?

The myColorado app is designed specifically for use on iPhone and Android smartphones at this time. While the app will work on tablets and iPads, we suggest using a smartphone for the optimal myColorado experience.

Can I add multiple IDs to this app?

No, you may only have a single ID for yourself. However, multiple people can create different profiles within the app using the same phone.

How will the charge for services through myColorado appear on my credit card statement?

Any purchases made through the myColorado app will appear as myColorado on your credit card statement beginning in November2019.

How can I learn more about the features in the myColorado mobile app and how to use them?

The app has a FAQ section that answers the most common questions users may have. You can also go to to learn more.

How can I get technical support for my Digital ID or provide feedback?

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If you have downloaded the myColorado app and need help, you may email [email protected] or call the myColorado support team at (303) 562-9855. To provide feedback about the app or share suggestions, go to the More page in myColorado, click on Feedback & Information, and complete the feedback form. You can also send us an email.