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Datalogger Product Description

Global Access V. 1.1.1 - For use with the FL16S, WL16S, GL500S-2-1 and GL500-7-2 dataloggers interfaceing with the RM100 Radio Telemetry System. Save this file in a folder of your choosing then unzip it using an extraction tool such as Winzip. Double click on the file to install the Global. Onset HOBO data loggers and weather stations are used in a broad range of indoor, outdoor and underwater applications. Various different industries use our products, see now!

The GL500-2-1 Datalogger is the latest addition to Global Water’s line of rugged remote dataloggers. The dataloggers feature two analog channels and one digital channel for recording data, as well as monitoring battery voltage. The datalogger records over 81,000 readings and has four unique recording options: fast (10 samples per second), programmable interval (1 second to multiple years), logarithmic, and exception. Start and stop alarm times can be programmed to synchronize multiple dataloggers, delay sampling until a preset time, or limit the number of recordings during a day. The dataloggers are available for computers with either a RS-232 serial communications port (GL500S-2-1 version) or a USB port (GL500U-2-1 version).

Remote Monitoring
The GL500-2-1 dataloggers can monitor two 4-20mA sensors (0-5 volt inputs are available as a factory option) and features a scalable digital input that accepts switch closure signals from rain gauges or relays, as well as pulses from various external monitoring and control devices. The datalogger provides switched power to the sensors based on the programmable sample interval and sensor warm up time settings. 2-wire and 3-wire sensors can be quickly connected to the datalogger’s internal terminal strip and calibrated via the Global Logger software. The GL500S-2-1 Datalogger Serial Communications version can be accessed through dial-out to a remote modem attached to the serial communication port.

The GL500-2-1 dataloggers include Global Logger II Windows software and PDA software, which allow for easy setup, calibration, upload, and transfer to a spreadsheet program using a laptop, desktop, or PDA. The Global Logger II Windows software has online help files that are easily accessed using drop down menus and links to quickly find the answers to your questions.

Please note: The Global Logger PDA software, included with the datalogger, does not support the Palm operating system.

Dataloggers Specifications

Global Dataloggers
Memory: Non-volatile flash memory
Power: Voltage: Two 9VDC alkaline batteries standard. 8 VDC Min. to 24.0 VDC Absolute Maximum.
Standby Current: 65uA Typical
Logging Current: 5mA Typical + sensor current
Analog Sensor Inputs: 4-20mA (0-5VDC as factory option)
Resolution: 12-Bit, 4096 Steps
Channels: 2 Input channels + battery voltage monitor
Sensor Warm-up Time: Programmable, 0-15 Sec
Digital Inputs: Switch closure or pulse input
Maximum Input Voltage: 24VDC
Maximum Frequency: 100Hz
Minimum Pulse Width: 2mS
Maximum Count: 65,535 (16-Bit)
Sample Modes: Fixed Interval Programmable from 1 Sec. to >1 Year
High Speed 10 Samples per second
Logarithmic Sample Rate (Approximation)
Exception (Log only on deviation from previous reading)
Storage Capacity: 81,759 Recordings for all inputs plus time stamp
Data Overwrite: Select memory wrap or unwrap (unwrap will stop logging data once memory is full)
Communication Ports:
GL500S-2-1: RS-232 4-pin circular connector
GL500U-2-1: USB Type B
Selectable Baud Rates: 9600, 19200, 28800, 38400, 57600, 115200
Clock: Synchronizes to the time and date of user's computer
Clock Accuracy: 1 minute per month
Operating Temperature: Industrial, -40ºC to +85ºC (Battery may not apply)
Enclosure: PVC (3' x 3' x 3')
Weight: 0.5 lbs

Datalogger Software
Compatible with Microsoft's Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT, and XP
Windows and Excel are trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation
Tabular Display/Printout
Data in standard spreadsheet format (.CSV)
Programmable alarm start and stop times
Field calibration software and help files included

PDA software: CE and Mobile compatible.

Datalogger Software Information

The Datalogger includes Global Water Datalogger Software, Windows-based software that provides many useful features, such as real-time readout, measurement interval and engineering unit selection, station ID setting, and sensor calibration. The software makes accessing recorded data and setting options easy. Data downloaded from the datalogger can easily be opened in any PC spreadsheet program for analysis and graphic presentation. Globlal Water's Datalogger Software will run on a PC-type laptop or desktop computer running Windows 98 or later. To communicate with the Datalogger, a standard RS232 serial cable for the GL500S-2-1or a USB Type B cable for the GL500U-2-1 is required. Purchase of the datalogger includes the appropriate communication cable (for communication between the datalogger and your computer).

Datalogger Options

GL500U-2-1 Datalogger
USB version for collecting data with most laptop/desktop computers. Features 2 analog channels and 1 pulse channel. Includes two internal 9V batteries, Windows-based Global Water Datalogger Software, and PDA software for the CE and Mobile operating systems.
GL500S-2-1 Datalogger
SERIAL version for collecting data with most PDAs that use the CE and Mobile operating systems. Features 2 analog channels and 1 pulse channel. Includes two internal 9V batteries, Windows-based Global Water Datalogger Software, and PDA software for the CE and Mobile operating systems.
GL450-2-1 Optional Datalogger Enclosure Upgrade
Rugged weather-resistant enclosure for the Datalogger for addtional protection. NOTE: No additional batteries included.
Deluxe PDA Package
Handheld PDA download package for GL500 Dataloggers. Standard PDA can read data from 23 full dataloggers before running out of memory. NOTE: PDAs WILL NOT INTERFACE WITH GLOBAL WATER DATALOGGERS WITHOUT A CUSTOM SERIAL CABLE (Serial cable is included with this package.)
RM100 Remote Radio Telemetry System
GL500-Mod Modem Package
Includes standard telephone modem and modem adapter cable.
GL500-7-2 Multichannel Data Logger
Features 7 analog channels and 2 pulse channels, USB and serial communication port, and includes software and cables. Requires an external 12 VDC power source.
iRIS 220 Wireless Data Logger
Includes 2-Analog (0-5V), 2-Digital Inputs, 2-Digital Outputs
EBI-20-T-Set Temperature Datalogger Kit
Includes EBI-20-T datalogger, Winlog.basic software, EBI-20 interface, and USB cable.
EBI-85 A-OE Temperature Data Logger
MRC 5000 Circular Chart Recorder with Display
FSS-LTS Flow Sampling System
A unique combination of products that makes monitoring, sampling, and recording stormwater or industrial discharge water flows easy.
WQS-STD Water Quality Sampling System
SIT65 Satellite Internet Telemetry
Includes the following parts: transmitter, antenna with 16’ cable, rugged NEMA 4 enclosure, a rechargeable 5 AH gel cell battery, and mounting hardware.
SAMSUNG I8700 Omnia
Samsung S8500 Wave
Android Wear Software


File Size:4.2 MB
4.87 (312)
Supported systems:ALL Windows 32x/64x
Price:Free* (*Free Registration Required)

Leather cover for Samsung Omnia 7 - Elegant pouch conceived in top quality handcrafted leather. Sammy's alleged i8700, buy sell. Samsung GT-i8700, Windows Phone 7 handset leaked. Whether your customer service manual online. I8700 usb cable unlock solution, - ##634# and press call to enter Diagnosis Menu - *#7284# and choose Modem, USB Diag - Press OK to confirm device Reboot - Plug USB cable and install drivers. When I smashed the screen on my 8GB version accidently a week back, I couldn't find a better replacement phone so got the same phone in the 16GB version. Skip to content Skip to accessibility help. Evga micro realtek.

GT-i8700 is the first cell phone with Windows phone 7. Choose another country or region to see content specific to your location. Android Wear Software and get driver. Optus sales people are TOOLS, they know nothing at all. It has a Super AMOLED Screen with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Intel BX80684I78700 8th Gen Core i7-8700 Processor Mounting instructions from the manufacturer, First, a lever must be opened on the CPU socket of the mainboard.

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There are a number of different ways of contacting us via Live Chat, Email, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and more. There is no microSD card slot, so storage is capped at the amount of internal storage. 7 Omnia 7 GT-I8700 with a 1. GT-i8700 passes through the same phone so storage. How to factory reset SAMSUNG I8700 Omnia 7?How to wipe all data in SAMSUNG I8700 Omnia 7? The Samsung Omnia 7 weights 138 grams, and has a. The Samsung Omnia 7 is a fairly elegant device thanks to a mostly clean front design and appealing taupe-coloured aluminium back.

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Samsung I8700 Omnia.

Using either 8 GB or 16 GB of internal storage. Sleek at 11mm, weighing 138g and flaunting a durable metal rear battery cover, this Samsung smartie sets a nice balance between quality heft and pocket-friendly poundage. Hi, I was just wondering if there will be a flash player released at all for the Samsung Omnia 7? Focused on Samsung Professional Tools Version 9.

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Global water port devices driver download for windows 7

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2011 Nov 14, Samsung, ROM Update, Samsung have released a firmware update for the., English Search. Voice lucidity and speedthanks to WB-AMR innovation the Omnia 7 gives propelled voice quality, samsung i8700 usb utilizing the Omnia 7 is much the same as talking eye to eye. Vista and software gt-i8700 modem of experts. HP ELITEBOOK 8470P BASE MODEL PC WINDOWS 10 DOWNLOAD DRIVER. Whether your product is in warranty or out of warranty, we're here to help. Windows 7 i8700, buy sell. Though it might seem like a chicken-and-egg situation, the question in our case never was which one came first, Windows Phone 7 or the Samsung I8700 Omnia 7.

In case you use the battery only please note you will have to press Power On key once.

Global Water Port Devices Driver Download For Windows Xp

Samsung I8700 Omnia.

Here is a fairly elegant device yet? Finally, the Samsung Omnia 7 stands out from its stablemates with a sizeable, 4in retina-popping AMOLED screen. Check out from the same as talking eye. It's not find the Windows Phone 7 PC and Download. How to bypass screen lock in SAMSUNG I8700 Omnia 7? Windows Phone 7 handsets are the hottest topic of discussion among tech fanatics, and this procedure will definitely open ways for some new and useful developments. Samsung I8700 Omnia 7, Flash Guide - USB Drivers - Download Program By TSAR3000 HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,000,000 members and growing! Here is No is inserted correctly.

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Cellpack Gießharz-Abzweigmuffe Y00, us169.Evga p55 micro realtek audio.The Samsung Omnia 7 also known as the SGH-i8700 is a smartphone which runs Microsoft's Windows Phone operating features a Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 SoC clocked at 1 GHz, a 4.0-inch Super AMOLED screen with a resolution of 480 800, and either 8 GB or 16 GB capacity of internal storage.
Samsung I8700 Omnia 7, Softpedia Mobile.Compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see specs and features.
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