Flexradio Systems/hpsdr.org Driver Download For Windows 10

There are now dozens of software defined radio packages that support the ultra cheap RTL-SDR. On this page we will attempt to list, categorize and provide a brief overview of each software program. We categorize the programs into general purpose software, single purpose software, research software and software compatible with audio piping. If you know of a program that is missing please leave.

» flexradio flexvsp service » flexradio systems flexvsp » system flexvsp » flexvsp software » flexradiosystems flexvsp » flexvsp download » flexvsp service » flexradio datatransfer » flexradio powersdr » flexradio systems power sdr 2.0.2backup. Smartsdr Flexradio Systems free download - Advanced SystemCare Free, Adobe Flash Player, Google Chrome, and many more programs. It is possible that a system dependency has become corrupted or modified by Windows. In this case, the issue can be resolved by repairing the FlexVSP driver install. 1.) Shutdown SmartSDR and the FLEX-6000. 2.) Manually Repair the FlexVSP driver. For 64-bit operating systems: Open the Windows File Explorer, go to C: Program Files FlexRadio.

FlexRadio Systems announces the immediate availability of SmartSDR v2.4.10

SmartSDR v2.4.10 is a special “interim” release. This release is intended primarily only for users who have been using SmartSDR v2.4.9. SmartSDR v2.4.10 is the SmartSDR v2.4.9 software with the SD card fix, the TLS fix for software licensing, and the updated DAX drivers. The database compatibility caveats that were applicable to SmartSDR v2.4.9 still apply to v2.4.10. If you install firmware greater than v2.4.10 on your radio and revert back to v2.4.10 or below, you will need to reset your database and refrain from importing any profiles exported using SmartSDR v2.5.x or greater. Failure to do so will result in an inconsistent database and unexpected operating behavior.

SmartSDR v2.4.10 can be downloaded from the FlexRadio Systems website. SmartSDR v2.4.10 is a maintenance release containing software fixes for version 2 of SmartSDR for Windows, SmartSDR for Maestro, SmartSDR for M models, SmartSDR CAT and DAX. Please download and review the SmartSDR v2.4.10 Release Notes prior to installing SmartSDR v2.4.10.

Release Highlights for SmartSDR v2.4.10

Flexradio Systems/hpsdr.org Driver Download For Windows 10
  • Corrected Issue Preventing FLEX-6000 from being Licensed: Updated licensing to use TLS v1.2 to meet new security standards (#7727)
  • Updated DAX Drivers: SmartSDR v2.6.0 includes an updated DAX driver that should not scramble the device names after Win10 updates. In addition, the DAX drivers are not candidates for the Windows default sound devices when other sound devices are available. This prevents the default sound devices from changing. (#6873, #5203)
  • Corrected Issues Related to SD Card Corruption: Software improvements for increased SD Card stability during read/write operations. (J7741)
  • Fixed Frequency Rounding Error in Memory Form: Fixed memory form frequency rounding error with transverter bands. (#J7790)
  • Fixed SmartSDR Screen “hang” When Updating Firmware: Fixed SmartSDR for Windows application screen hangs when attempting to close while updating (#J7482)
  • Corrected False Positive Client Connection Message: The client Connection message now only shown on successful client validation eliminating the false-positive connection messages that appeared to show client connects from the Internet (#J6813)

A software license for the FLEX-6000 is required to run SmartSDR v2.x.

If prompted to upgrade your SmartSDR license, obtaining and validating a license for your FLEX-6000 software defined radio is a simple process. Once the radio and client have network access to the Internet, just load any version of the SmartSDR v3.x software on your PC or Maestro. In the radio chooser, if a radio requires a license, a status message will indicate a license is required before connecting to the radio and updating the firmware. A “Buy” button is also presented so that you can conveniently purchase a SmartSDR v3.x license (which is inclusive of v2.x) using our Online Store. Please see the SmartSDR Release Notes for details regarding purchasing a SmartSDR software license for your radio.

Be sure to check out these helpful videos before getting started:
How to install SmartSDR v3: https://youtu.be/zO90kVkIYM8

Flexradio Systems/hpsdr.org Driver Download For Windows 10 64-bit

For information on compatible third-party applications, visit our Works with FLEX web page (https://www.flexradio.com/works-with-flex/).

The SmartSDR v2.4.10 ChangeLog
V2.4.10 Maintenance Release 2020-06-30
#G7727 Updated licensing to use TLS v1.2 to meet new security standards
#J7482 Fixed SmartSDR for Windows hang when attempting to close while updating
#J7741 Update improvements for increased SD Card stability
#J7790 Fixed memory form frequency rounding error with transverter bands
#J6813 Connection message now only shown on successful client validation
#G6873 DAX: Fixed issue where DAX audio devices would get scrambled and not work properly after a Windows Update
#G5203 DAX: Sound devices are now prevented from being selected as default sound device


HPSDRprogrammers Binaries for loading firmware

HPDSRprogrammer Binaries last updated: Sat Nov 4 11:10:02 UTC 2017

This program is used to load FPGA firmware on the Metis ethernet interface board or Hermes board. It will also program the Penelope, Pennylane, and Mercury boards as well, using the Metis board. The current firmware can be found below. You will find the Metis and Hermes documentation on the Document or Support webpages.

HPSDRProgrammer and HPSDRBootloader Software

These Programmers use the pcap Library. By license you must install this library yourself. For Window install Winpcap Library.The WinPcap now supports Windows 8.

For Linux simply install 'libpcap' from the repository.:x

This programmer will work with all RBF firmware for HPSDR boards with an ethernet connector. No jumper setting required. It will reset the IP address as well, if Metis V2.5 or Hermes V2.3 RBF or greater is installed.

OpenHPSDR Programmers (Original Protocol)
Code at Github: https://github.com/TAPR/OpenHPSDR-Original-Programmers/

This is the program that works with all firmware and will function as a JTAG programmer for Mercury, Pennylane, and Penelope boards. This program will also reset IP address but requires the Metis J1 jumper set or the Hermes and Angelia J12 jumper set.

HPSDRBootloader Windows installer Version -- 2015-1-31 -- Release Notes

HPSDRBootloader Linux Debian gzip tar for 64 bit Version -- 2015-1-31 -- Release Notes

For more information, see the Metis or Hermes Manuals Documents webpage.

If you have a Ozy or Magister boards these boards load their firmware on software start up. The other boards can be load with a Altera USB Blaster

Firmware (protocol1) files for HPSDR Boards
Metis firmware
Mercury firmware
Penelope firmware
Ozy_Janus firmware
Metis firmware
Firmware files for Hermes
Hermes firmware
Firmware last updated: Sat Nov 4 11:10:02 UTC 2017
Firmware files for the Mercury EU board
Note: Do not use Altera Quartus 9.1 sp2 as it has a bug that will not load penelope firmware. Just use a different version of Quartus.
Radio Software Binaries and links to Source
Software last updated: Sat Nov 4 11:10:02 UTC 2017

This code is under active development, The binaries are for the most basic confirguation, if you have trouble and you have the ability for compile the code on your machine, please use the Subversion address below.

There are also many special use programs offered by members of the openhpsdr community. Please follow the instruction on the their Wiki pages, If you want to use their code. The code offered here is a simple configuration to get you started.

Linux, MacOS and Windows
ghpsdr3: Compiles on Linux, MacOS and Windows, No binaries, More ...
ghpsdr3-Qt Compiles on Linux, MacOS and Windows:
ghpsdr3-Qt Windows Binaries, includes QtHPSDRServer, QtDSPServer, QtRadio, and QtLogger, More ...
(Compiled with minGW)
gnuradio-hpsdr: Compiles on Linux, MacOS and Windows, No binaries, More ...
PowerSDR (Original Protocol) on Github release.
KissKonsole (Original Protocol) on Github release.
Hermes VNA on Github release.
Windows Resource files
Code at github: github.com/TAPR/OpenHPSDR-WindowsDrivers/releases

Flexradio Systems/hpsdr.org Driver Download For Windows 10

OpenHPSDR Skins
Code at github: github.com/TAPR/OpenHPSDR-SVN/tree/master/W5WC/OpenHPSDR_Skins

Source Code

Flexradio Systems/hpsdr.org Driver Download For Windows 10 32-bit

This is where the volunteer programmers store their current code. Most of these files are works in progress, for stable releases see the links above. We are in the process of migrating the repository from out SVN to Github. We Thank TAPR for their help in this process.

Flexradio Systems/hpsdr.org Driver Download For Windows 10 Bit

Github:https://github.com/TAPR/ Our Projects are Labeled OpenHPSDR

Flexradio Systems/hpsdr.org Driver Download For Windows 10 Pro