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Available MCAL driver packages:

Hitex International Group providing road safety solutions in markets across the globe. Our unrivalled research and development capabilities allow for the provision of products and services tailored to the specific climates and environmental conditions of any region. Hitex wins Embedded Award! For the fourth time Hitex wins the renowned Embedded Award. In Nuremberg Hitex was awarded the coveted trophy in the software category for the AURIX Safety Manager SafeTpack. You can see a summary of the presentation and all trade fair highlights in our trade fair video - just click on the picture on the left!

Basic AUTOSAR package MC-ISAR:

  • MCU (Microcontroller Unit) driver: provides services for basic microcontroller initialization, power down functionality, reset and microcontroller specific functions
  • WDG (Watchdog) driver: provides services for initialization, changing the operation mode and triggering the watchdog
  • GPT (General Purpose Timer) driver: uses the hardware timer channels of the general-purpose timer unit
  • SPI handler/driver: provides services for reading from and writing to devices connected via SPI busses (e.g. EEPROM, Watchdog, I/O ASICs).
  • PORT driver: provides the service for initializing the whole PORT structure of the microcontroller. The DIO driver works on pins and ports which are configured by the PORT driver.
  • DIO driver: provides services for reading and writing to/from DIO channels (pins), DIO ports, DIO channel groups
  • ICU (Input Capture Unit) driver: for demodulation of a PWM signal, counting pulses, measuring of frequency and duty cycle, generating simple interrupts and also wakeup interrupts
  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) driver: generates pulses with variable pulse width. It allows the selection of the duty cycle and the signal period time.
  • ADC (Analogue Digital Converter) driver: provides services to start and stop a conversion respectively to enable and disable the trigger source for a conversion.

Modules, gate driver board, micro-controller logic board, dc-link capacitor and cooling. The evaluation kits support the customers in their first steps designing applications with the HybridPACK™ Drive. Please read and understand the manual and the following safety warnings (see section 1.1).

MC-ISAR COM package:

  • CAN driver: provides services for CAN transmissions
  • CanTrcv CAN transceiver driver: provides services to control the transceiver hardware which detects electrical malfunctions, supports power supply control and wake up via the bus.
  • LIN driver: applies to LIN 2.0 master nodes

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MC-ISAR MEM package:

Driver hit icd 10
  • FLASH driver: provides services for reading, writing and erasing flash memory and handling write / erase protection
  • FEE driver: provides services for the Flash EEPROM Emulation

In addition to standardized modules AUTOSAR provides the possibility of complex driver for non-standardized hardware module. To efficiently exploit the hardware MCAL Complex Drivers are an essential component for hardware abstraction.

MC-ISAR MCAL CD (MCAL Complex Driver) package:

  • UART driver: provides services for handling the UART communication
  • MEMCeck driver: handles the CRC module
  • FADC (Fast Analogue Digital Converter) driver: provides services for the Fast ADC module
  • Additional driver for non standardized modules are available

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The DProbe driver allows you to use the �Vision Debugger as the front-end for your Hitex DProbe Emulator. This driver integrates with the �Vision IDE and gives you full access to the unique features of this high-performance emulator.

Driver Hit Edina Student

DPROBE_V14.EXE (3,217K)
Thursday, September 20, 2001


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