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I changed the armor values, don't take it seriously lmao.Discord: thanks to:Avarik Hatch 2, Hatch 2.1 Hatch 1 Have you tried our community support? Our community has thousands of members who can help you get to your answer fast! Ask the community No thanks, raise a ticket. Hatch Embroidery. Embroidery Organizer. Embroidery Personalizer. This is a newly manufactured drivers hatch bearing pivot assembly for a Panther tank. The mechanism was engineered and fabricated by Greg Matonis of Matonis.

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Fatal accidents to competitors at the Brands Hatch Circuit during national and international motor-sport events.

List of fatal accidents involving competitors[edit]

1 George Henry TaylorOct 1949
2 Harry Parker20 Oct 1951Mechanic's RaceCooper F3
3 Max Klein10 Oct 1955Austin Healey
4 Ian Dudley23 May 1956Cooper
5 David S.Dunnage7 April 1958Paddock Hill BendFormula 3Cooper – Norton
6 Stanley Marks22 April 1958Clearways BendSporting Record TrophyCooper
7 Peter Michell5 Oct 1958Formula 3Cooper – Norton
8 Norman Glanville Parker2 July 1960Austin Healey Sprite
9 Shane L. Summers1 June 1961Paddock Hill BendFormula 1 Non-ChampionshipSilver City TrophyCooper T53-Climax S4
10 Roy Mayhew13 May 1962National Road Racing ChampionshipMatchless
11 Harold Scholes19 Aug 1962
12 Nicholas Russell Fletcher17 Nov 1962
13 David Downer12 May 1963Dingle DellDunstall Norton ‘’Dominator’’ 650cc
14 Chris J.Airey19 May 1963Bottom BendMolyslip Saloon Car ChampionshipAustin A40
15 Thomas Sheaff22 Sep 1963
16 Doug Brailey11 Dec 1963ClearwaysTerrier Mk6
17Florian Camathias10 Oct 1965[1]ClearwaysBMW
18 George Crossman27 Dec 1965Paddock Hill BendFormula 3Lombard TrophyCooper T76 – Ford
19 Tony Flory7 May 1966Paddock Hill Bend500 Miles of Brands HatchShelby Cobra 289
20 Stuart Duncan3 July 1966Paddock Hill BendMorris Minor
21 Robert Smith24 July 1966Paddock Hill Bend
22 John Bending18 Aug 1968Pilgrims RiseAmasco Prod Sports ChampionshipAmasco Prod SportsMG Midget
23 David Lawerence24 Oct 1968Clearways
24 Jim Merricks1 Nov 1970Paddock Hill BendClubman Race SeriesMini 1000
25Jo Siffert24 Oct 1971Pilgrims’s DropFormula 1 Non-ChampionshipVictory RaceBRM P160
26 Graham Penny5 Aug 1972Paddock Hill BendHutchinson 100
27 Gary Walker19 Sep 1973Brabham StraightBritish 250cc Supercup Championship
28 Mike GasslerMarch 1975
29 Lance Capon20 Sep 1975Silver Trophy Road RaceCapon-Vincent 1000
30 Thomas Standing12 June 1976Bottom BendNorton
31 Michael Giddings26 Dec 1976Graham Hill BendFormula FordDulon LD4C – Ford
32 Brian McGuire29 Aug 1977StirlingsShellsport International ChampionshipShellsport G8 ChampionshipMcGuire BM1 – Ford
33 Piers Forester30 Oct 1977ClearwaysBrands Racing Committee – Formula 750Yamaha TZ 750A
34 Martin Raymond16 March 1980Dingle DellWorld Championship of MakesBrands Hatch 6 HoursChevron B36 – Ford Cosworth BDX
35 Stephen Langton6 Oct 1985Paddock Hill BendFIA Formula 1 European Grand PrixHistorics Support RaceConnaught B – Alta
36 Mark Edward Salle20 Oct 1985Paddock Hill Bend
37 Paul Blanks17 Sep 1988Paddock Hill BendChampionship of Brands HatchYamaha
38 Gerard Slotboom22 Oct 1988Paddock Hill BendYamaha TZR250 World FinalsYamaha TZR 250cc
39 Dave Burford15 Oct 1989ClearwaysYamaha 600cc
40 Gordon Ellinor1 Aug 1993
41 Kenton Owen1 Aug 1993
42 Graeme Ritchie8 Aug 1997Hawthorn's BendFIM World Superbike ChampionshipGrand Prix of EuropeDucati 888
43 Gavin Turner8 June 2002Powerbike Southern ChampionshipKawasaki ZX9R
44 Danny Whalin8 March 2003Paddock Hill BendBritish Motorcycle Racing ClubBMCRC Yamaha Past MastersYamaha TZR 250cc
45 Darren Mitchell20 June 2004Hawthorns HillMCRCB National Superstock ChampionshipMCRCB Superstock Championship RaceSuzuki GSX-R1000
46 Peter Dearden10 April 2005Paddock Hill BendBritish Superkart ChampionshipClubmans Challenge
47Craig Jones3 Aug 2008Clark CurveFIM World Supersport ChampionshipHonda CBR600RR
48 Ben Lightowler28 Sep 2008Paddock Hill BendBritish Motorcycle Racing ClubStocksport 600
49Henry Surtees19 July 2009Westfield BendFIA Formula 2 Championship2009 Brands Hatch Formula Two roundWilliams JPH1 – Audi
50 Karl-Heinz Kalbfell17 August 2013DruidsBritish Motorcycle Racing ClubLansdowne Classic SeriesMatchless
51 Frances Fletcher7 October 2017ClearwaysClassic Racing Motorcycle Club
52 Kyle O'Donovan8 July 2018Paddock HillBritish Motorcycle Racing ClubMRO PowerbikesBMW S1000RR
53 Dan Thomas13 July 2019Pilgrim's DropBritish Motorcycle Racing ClubRookie MinitwinSuzuki SV650
Drivers hatch for m1a2 abrams

List of fatal accidents involving race officials[edit]

1 John Thorpe5 March 1977StirlingsShellsport International ChampionshipShellsport G8 ChampionshipFire Marshall

List of fatal accidents during unofficial testing[edit]

1 Ronald Vincent23 May 1959Paddock Hill BendPrivate TestBerkeley SE328


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Sherman driver's hoods and hatches
'Early' hoods with Direct Vision blocks (DV)

Theearliest Sherman tanks were provided with 'direct vision' portsinstalled in the driver's and assistant driver's positions. Althoughthe direct vision appears to provideprotection, the designers noted that small gaps permitted the entry ofbulletsplash. Ultimately, direct vision was ordered eliminated on June 241942 forcast hulls and August 13 1942 for welded hulls. It would take some monthsbefore theredesigned drivers' hoods could enter production, and several thousandShermanswere built with direct vision. Here are shows the direct vision ports on 'Michael', the oldest Sherman still in existence.

EarlyM4A2 Direct Vision blocks and hoods, as installed on the first ALCOM4A2 hull. Current evidence suggests that most or all of the 150 ALCObuilt M4A2s haddirect vision.
Photos courtesy of Neil Baumgardner.

Drivers hatchback
Another early M4A2 with DirectVision blocks. The hatches are the initial configuration and do not have counterbalance springs (Kurt Laughlin).
This particular tank islocated at Saint-Martin-de-Varreville, near Utah Beach.

Early M4A4s DirectVision blocks and hoods.
The minutes of a conferenceheld at Lima Locomotive Works on 4/27/42 discuss a gap in the direct vision configuration thatexposed the drivers to bullet splash. The remedy proposed to the bullet splash issue was theaddition of a splash guard in front of the DV block. This bullet splash can be seen on the photos above.

Hatch led driversThedirect vision slots were considered ballistic weak spots. A great partof Sherman tanks that had them can be seen to have the drivers' hood'appliqué' armor modification which was installed at the factory or indepots in the US, or in the UK before D-Day. In the two photos above,one can just see the direct vision visors hidden behind the drivers'hood applique plates. Note also the positive hatch lock mechanisms with equilibrator springs; modifications that were introduced in the second half of 1943, and retrofitted to many Shermans that had been built without them.

Direct Vision blocks andhoods, as seen on an early M4A1 located near Dompaire, in France. The driver's hoodapplique plates obscure the direct vision slots. The Field ServiceModification Work Order for these plates was published in late August, 1943. Themodification did not apply to the M4A1 as it was thought that the cast armor infront of the drivers' hoods was better contoured, and not as vulnerable as theprotruding hoods used on welded hull Shermans. However, based on a few periodphotos and surviving examples, it would appear that direct vision M4A1sreceived this mod during remanufacture, and, overseas 'in the field'in some instances. The positive hatch lock mechanisms andequilibrator springs were introduced in the Spring of 1943, and could havebeen added as a field modification or during remanufacture.

Later hoods without Direct Vision

Only Chrysler (M4A4) and Ford (small hatch M4A3) used 'wide' drivers'hoods castings on their Shermans. Small hatch M4s andM4A2s manufacturers made use of 'narrow' drivers' hood castings. Note how the 'wide'casting included a section of the glacis along with the driver'shood. The lines in red on the pictures above show the weldpatterns of the wide vs. narrow drivers hoods. Thus, the 'narrow'versus 'wide' hood casting is a recognition feature and would help torecognize an M4 or an M4A2 vs an M4A3 or an M4A4. Left-side photocourtesy of Paul Hannah.

Drivers Hatchback

Hoodsand hatches, asseen on a small hatch M4A1. Direct Vision was eliminated from theM4A1 design by the three M4A1 manufacturers by August, 1942.

Cast hoodsand hatches, asseen on Federal Machine and Welder (FMW) M4A2s and late Pullman Standard small hatch tanks.

Drivers Hatch Photos M3 Bradley Cooper

Castdrivers hoods installed on ALCO M4s have a slighly different designthan FMW and Pullman ones, and are a recognition feature of tanksproduced by thismanufacturer.

In late 1942, Fisher transitioned from direct vision to 'fabricated' drivers' hoods. Note thevery sharp, angular appearance of the hoods. Fabricated drivers' hoods were exclusive toFisher-made M4A2s and were set up to save foundry capacity. The other builders used castings.

A little bullet splashcan be seen on some Fisher & ALCO Shermans, but not all of them. Itprotects the hinge knuckles. It was an official part that seems to have beenintroduced in mid 1943. The reason why this part was not added on otherShermans is unknown.

'Wide' drivers hoods castings, as seen on Ford M4A3 Sherman tanks.

The drivers hoods castings used on Chrysler M4A4 Shermans are similar to the Ford M4A3 ones.