Drivers Gmc-i Messtechnik Port Devices

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KMG - Force Testers for Doors and Gates

Drivers Gmc-i Messtechnik Port Devices Inc

  • KMG-Lite Datasheet
  • Quick Reference Guide (German)
  • Force Measurement Guide
  • KMG-Lite Operating manual
  • KMG-Lite APP
  • KMG-2000-G Datasheet
  • KMG-2000-G Operating Manual
  • KMG-Software VD2005 Short Manual
  • KMG-Software VD2005 Additional Manual: PC Interface configuration
  • KMG-Software VD2005 V5.10.1 including USB-Driver
    Windows 7 compatible full version of the KMG-PC-Software. This package includes a USB-Driver,
    which is required for communication with KMG-2000-G – Devices.
  • Accuracy of force measuring devices – requirements and practice
    Fact sheet on the accuracy of force measurement according to EN 12445. (German)

2.3 Supported Devices GMC-I Driver Control as from version 1.17 supports the following devices: Adapters and Modules for Test Instruments and Controllers IrDa-USB Converter for test instruments with a serial port (e. For PROFITEST 0100SII / C, METRISO C and GEOHM C) RS232-USB R2500/R2700 SECUSTORE SECUTEST SI+ Testers SECUTEST BASE(10) SECUTEST PRO. GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH 3 INSTRUMENT POWER & GPS – ALL MAVOWATT 2XX. Instrument Power. External 90VAC-265VAC, 50/60HZ, 12V output universal power supply. US, UK, Euro, and Australian country plugs are included. A user accessible NIMH rechargeable battery (UPS) is included with a 2hr (3hr for MAVOWATT 230 & 240) run time on a full charge.

Force and Pressure Measurement System CoboSafe

Drivers Gmc-i Messtechnik Port Devices Download

HEATDEC - Automated and contacless measurement of body temperature

Gmc-iGMG - Sliding Friction Testers
  • GMG-200 Datasheet
  • GMG-200 Operating Manual
  • Guidelines for professional associations (German)
  • Leaflet of the german statutory accident insurance about slip danger (German)

FST/WST - Door/Gate Control Units
  • FST-75/150 brochure
  • FST-75/150 Operating Manual
  • WST-18 brochure
  • WST-18 Operating Manual

GigabitNxV - Emergency Power Supplies For ElevatorsDrivers gmc-i messtechnik port devices download
  • Emergency Power Supply NxV II – Installation and Operating Manual (German)

ADICOS - Advanced Discovery System
  • For detailed information about the ADICOS advanced fire detection system, please visit

Terms of Business



  • Universal IC device programmer for microcontroller, memory and logic devices
  • 112 powerful universal pin drivers, extendable to 448 pin drivers
  • USB 2.0 port for high-speed data download
  • Built-in 8 Gbit RAM buffer expandable to 16 Gbit
  • Multi-linkable for gang programming with pipelined throughput
  • Software with task management and password protection for Windows 7/10
  • Real-time graphic statistics management
  • On-line automatic failure analysis
  • Configuration of programming parameters for fine-tuning
  • 2-, 4- and 8-socket-boards for e.g. flash devices available
  • Serialisation also possible with multi-socket-boards
  • Special socket boards (HIC) also available for maximum lifetime and/or specific packages
  • Supports all available socket boards types OT, CS, ZIP, HIC, S4, S8 (emmc) and T4

T9800 is a true universal IC device programmer and supports all currently existing device technologies such as EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, NAND- and NOR-Flash, SPI Flash, PLD, CPLD, FPGA, emmc and microcontrollers. It is available as system T9800 for manual programming, and as system H9800 for automated programming systems APxxx. T9800 by standard offers 112 universal pin drivers and an integrated RAM buffer. Programming capacities can easily be extended by adding further programmers via USB connection and USB hub with 4 slots.

Comprehensive user software:
The PUI software contains task management software to create pre-defined programming jobs (tasks), task version control and password protection (administrator and operator mode). The software offers any possibilities and information to configure and save tasks including serialization and comprehensive statistics administration. Created tasks can be used in APxxx automated systems, as well as in manual models T9x00(+).

S4 socket boards enhance programming throughput by 4 times:
The 4-site S4 socket boards allow to program 4 devices at a time and thus significantly increase throughput. Also serial numbering is possible for up to 4 devices each with its own serial number. For NAND flash devices, its isolated circuitries for each socket enable independent Bad Block management for each device, which ensures the highest yields as well as the highest programming reliability.

Maximum flexibility and cost savings using the new T4 socket boards:
T4 socket boards’ new architecture increases the programming speed considerably and can raise throughput by up to 5x; considering the ever growing memory sizes of MCUs, this can bring a considerable advantage. With their flexible design they can be used with 1, 2, 3 or 4 sockets, which allows for maximum flexibility in throughput and lowest cost possible – from prototyping to mass production. Also serial numbering is possible for up to 4 devices each with its own serial number.

UFS (Universal Flash Storage, JEDEC) programming:
Iverta socket boards are the new solution for UFS programming on System General T/H9800 universal device programmers. They can also be used with 1, 2, 3 or 4 sockets to optimally adapt to throughput requirements. Support for UFS spec. versions v2.0, v2.1 and v3.0 and compliance with UFS 3.2 Gen 1 specification are just a few outstanding features to be mentioned.

And as with any System General equipment, you receive maximum flexibility at minimum cost:
Most current programming algorithms are provided free of charge for download about every six weeks. Sockets with receptacles are not proprietary. New algorithm development is free of charge. True universal programmers. Socket boards can be used on manual programmers as well as on automated APxxx programming systems.