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Eurofit has been selected to deliver the tire wheel assemblies for one of the world’s fastest production cars on the famous Nürburgring: the AMG GT R PRO.

All drivers know that putting your foot on the brake slows the vehicle down, however, many do not know exactly how the brake system works. The force applied to the pedal is multiplied through leverage which then, in turn, initiates a hydraulic system. Luckily for you, Eurofit Autocentres have put together their Top 10 Tips to avoiding Road Rage. Be vigilant to your surroundings. Anticipate other drivers’ behaviours & expect the unexpected. Allow people plenty of space. Accept that the problem is often with them not you. Focus on maintaining your own excellent driving standards. For every 10%, a tyre is under-inflated, it can increase wear by 10%. This will decrease the lifetime, and increase fuel costs also. Around 56% of tyres within the UK are 4 psi or more below recommended pressures. Shop a huge selection of Racing and Auto Sport Underwear at competitive prices at Winding Road Racing from brands including.

This model is a new, limited-edition of the AMG GT. The AMG GT R PRO has been enhanced at several features to deliver a racetrack performance. It comes with increased horsepower, a new suspension, and aerodynamic fine-tuning, all resulting in even more downforce overall. It also features lightweight seats and wheels to add to the improved driving dynamics. These enhancements have translated into faster lap times on the racetrack. At present, this is the closest model to a racecar available by Mercedes-AMG, with 720 horsepower. A record-breaker in the making.

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When producing the tire-wheel assemblies for race cars and other powerful or sensitive vehicles, one of the most critical factors Eurofit concentrates on is the reduction of vibrations and noise. A vehicle with no vibrations and disturbing noises lets the driver focus on the road, and experience the motor sound more meaningfully. Furthermore, the reduction of noises and vibrations is a major enabler of final customer satisfaction. Eurofit has been able to accomplish this for other models in the sports car segment, such as the A45S and the Porsche Cayman GT4, by executing one of the highest quality processes in the market. For the AMG GT R PRO, it was not different. To be able to provide this extraordinary machine and the drivers with the ultimate sporty experience, Eurofit has put in place an extremely high-precision mounting process. The tire-wheel assemblies of such fast cars are extra sensitive due to the enormous size of the rims and tires, proving the absolute reliability of the process, and this was the case for the AMG GT R PRO.

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The tire and wheel assemblies for this jaw-dropping machine are being produced by Eurofit group plant in Böblingen.