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Eventually, I solved to problem by reverting back driver update portion of the windows update. Now, I currently have radeon r5 230, which has vga, dvi, hdmi port, and didn't have any problems with it. Two days ago, windows 10 did an update again. After that, windows only detects vga port, and rolling back the driver doesn't do the trick anymore. Coinciding with the arrival of this new Operating System, this driver adds Windows 10 support for legacy Quadro GPUs; This driver is for GT2xx, G8x and G9x GPUs. For the rest of the users we recommend using the drivers from the latest ODE branch. If you would like to be notified of upcoming drivers for Windows, please subscribe here. ASUS H110M-K micro-ATX motherboard with Intel® H110 and 5X Protection II for dependable stability, LED-illuminated audio shielding and UEFI BIOS with EZ Flash 3.

I had Windows 7 professional 64-bit
Never had a major problem
I downloaded and installed Windows 10
I was having a major problem
My USB ports on the back of the case would not work be recognized until I rebooted. Then they worked fine. The ones in the front worked ok. It was a pain to have to reboot every time I started the cpu.
My call to Microsoft was no help. After a wait of about 1 hour, they, in a language that was hard to understand, had me download a bunch of drivers from the C: prompt
When that didn’t work, I lost the connection
After a lot of swearing and a couple of beers, I finally went to a computer repair shop that had many recommendations and satisfied customers
After about a week, and their $80 diagnostic charge, they found that my motherboard does not support Windows10 and they couldn’t find any new drivers that would help
I accepted their offer to reload Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and reinstall Microsoft Office 2010, at no charge!
I found a web site that shows which ASUS motherboards are compatible
mine isn’t listed
Question: I don’t want to install a new motherboard
Do I have any other options.
I’d rather not do a “trial” and find that I have to again reinstall Windows 7
Disktop Package ...not a brand name
Manufacturer ASUSTeK Computer INC.
ModelP7H55-M PRO (LGA1156)
Version Rev 1.xx
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision 18
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model H55
Southbridge Revision 06

Windows 10 is excellent for its easily accessible security updates and excellent virus protection capabilities. If you prefer to own a motherboard well-suited for Windows 10, the ASRock AM4 Pro4 caters to that need. The motherboard has Windows 10 drivers for upgrades and compatible installation. Customer can download the Software, Firmware, User Guide etc from here. Software - Music Maker (KBA03013).

The Kaiser window for several values of its parameter

The Kaiser window, also known as the Kaiser–Bessel window, was developed by James Kaiser at Bell Laboratories. It is a one-parameter family of window functions used in finite impulse responsefilter design and spectral analysis. The Kaiser window approximates the DPSS window which maximizes the energy concentration in the main lobe[1] but which is difficult to compute.[2]



The Kaiser window and its Fourier transform are given by:

w0(x){I0[πα1(2x/L)2]I0[πα],xL/20,x>L/2}FLsinh(πα1(Lf/α)2)I0(πα)πα1(Lf/α)2.{displaystyle w_{0}(x)triangleq left{{begin{array}{ccl}{frac {I_{0}left[pi alpha {sqrt {1-left(2x/Lright)^{2}}}right]}{I_{0}[pi alpha ]}},quad &left xright leq L/20,quad &left xright >L/2end{array}}right}quad {stackrel {mathcal {F}}{Longleftrightarrow }}quad {frac {Lcdot sinh left(pi alpha {sqrt {1-left(Lfright/alpha )^{2}}}right)}{I_{0}(pi alpha )cdot pi alpha {sqrt {1-left(Lfright/alpha )^{2}}}}}.}[3]
Fourier transforms of two Kaiser windows


  • I0 is the zeroth-order modified Bessel function of the first kind,
  • L is the window duration, and
  • α is a non-negative real number that determines the shape of the window. In the frequency domain, it determines the trade-off between main-lobe width and side lobe level, which is a central decision in window design.
  • Sometimes the Kaiser window is parametrized by β, where β = πα.

For digital signal processing, the function can be sampled symmetrically as:

w[n]=w0(LN(nN/2))=I0[πα1(2nN1)2]I0[πα],0nN,{displaystyle w[n]=w_{0}left({tfrac {L}{N}}(n-N/2)right)={frac {I_{0}left[pi alpha {sqrt {1-left({frac {2n}{N}}-1right)^{2}}}right]}{I_{0}[pi alpha ]}},quad 0leq nleq N,}

Dr. Kaiser Systemhaus Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10 64

where the length of the window is N+1,{displaystyle N+1,} and N can be even or odd. (see Window_function#A_list_of_window_functions)

In the Fourier transform, the first null after the main lobe occurs at f=1+α2L,{displaystyle f={tfrac {sqrt {1+alpha ^{2}}}{L}},} which is just 1+α2{displaystyle {sqrt {1+alpha ^{2}}}} in units of N (DFT 'bins'). As α increases, the main lobe increases in width, and the side lobes decrease in amplitude. α = 0 corresponds to a rectangular window. For large α, the shape of the Kaiser window (in both time and frequency domain) tends to a Gaussian curve. The Kaiser window is nearly optimal in the sense of its peak's concentration around frequency 0.[4]

Kaiser–Bessel-derived (KBD) window[edit]

A related window function is the Kaiser–Bessel-derived (KBD) window, which is designed to be suitable for use with the modified discrete cosine transform (MDCT). The KBD window function is defined in terms of the Kaiser window of length N+1, by the formula:

dn={i=0nw[i]i=0Nw[i]if 0n<Ni=02N1nw[i]i=0Nw[i]if Nn2N10otherwise.{displaystyle d_{n}={begin{cases}{sqrt {frac {sum _{i=0}^{n}w[i]}{sum _{i=0}^{N}w[i]}}}&{mbox{if }}0leq n<N{sqrt {frac {sum _{i=0}^{2N-1-n}w[i]}{sum _{i=0}^{N}w[i]}}}&{mbox{if }}Nleq nleq 2N-10&{mbox{otherwise}}.end{cases}}}

This defines a window of length 2N, where by construction dn satisfies the Princen-Bradley condition for the MDCT (using the fact that wNn = wn): dn2 + (dn+N)2 = 1 (interpreting n and n + Nmodulo 2N). The KBD window is also symmetric in the proper manner for the MDCT: dn = d2N−1−n.


The KBD window is used in the Advanced Audio Coding digital audio format.


Dr. kaiser systemhaus motherboards driver download for windows 10 64-bit
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Dr. Kaiser Systemhaus Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10 Laptop

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Dr. Kaiser Systemhaus Motherboards Driver Download For Windows 10 Free

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