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Lost Your Install CD?

Download Ecutek Driver License

Installation of drivers is now complete, so click finish and open the EcuTek App Downloader. Click the Download Now button to start downloading all EcuTek drivers and the software suites you have purchased. Click download now to download the drivers and software Each software package will automatically start once it has been downloaded.

PLEASE SELECT FROM THE AVAILABLE INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR SPECIFIC MODEL OF VEHICLE. BY USING OUR PRODUCTS, YOU HAVE AGREED TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. TACOMA 3RD GEN 2016+ FLASH KIT.THIS INSTRUCTION IS FOR FLASH KIT. NOT FOR HANDHELD. Our TOYOTA Instructions are split into 3 sections. Please be sure to review ALL. ProECU Download Errors ProECU is the Ecutek software used for flashing the ECM/TCM in supported vehicles. To Install ProECU you will first need to download the (App Downloader) and run the program to download and install the required drivers and files for ProECU to run.


Download Ecutek Drivers

Below are the additional drivers files distributed on the install CD for purchased EcuTek software. Note that these files are not required for the demo version and do not release any further functionality without a software license key. These files are here for customers who are transferring their software installation from one PC to another, but cannot find their original install CD.
Click here to download all hardware drivers if you have lost your install CD.
Click here to download 64-bit hardware drivers.

Download Ecutek Driver

Click here to open the hardware drivers install guide.

Download Ecutek Driver Tool

This file contains both the drivers for the DESkey DK2 Dongle and the USB Vehicle Interface.