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Tobii is a company with several support functions, one per business unit. So depending on what type of eye tracker a 'Tobii' means to you, you´ll need to choose where to go next. Help with our assistive technology related to AAC, computer access and special education. For example, I-Series, PCEye.


Custom Installation


Custom Installation

NAD Integration Protocol Documentation.

This documentation describes the RS232 and Ethernet protocol used to control the M15HD Pre-amp.

This documentation describes the RS232 and Ethernet protocol used to control the TXX7 Receivers.

This documentation describes the RS232 and Ethernet protocol used to control the TXX5 Receivers.

AMX InConcert Partner

The AMX InConcert Partner program insures that the operating systems of NAD components will work seamlessly with AMX’s control system, and provides AMX dealers technical support when integrating NAD components with AMX controllers.

Download AMX Module


All current NAD product data is now available from within the D-Tools software program itself. Simply open your D-tools Si v3 or above program, hit the [Data] tab and click on updates.

Crestron remote controller Remote codes

Crestron remote controller Remote codes: This is a ZIP file containing IR codes for all current NAD products with remote control capabilities. Please check the ‘readme’ file in the download.

Pronto remote controller codes

Pronto remote controller codes: This is a ZIP file to generate Pronto Remote Codes for NAD products. The desired NAD command can be selected from a list and the Pronto Code will be displayed. The README file within the zip file provides instructions.

FM preset codes for the NAD C420 tuner

Direct access FM preset codes for the NAD C420 tuner, (but should also work for other NAD devices that support direct access IR to preset stations such as Philips Pronto and Marantz RC 5000 remote control systems). Remote codes:

Philips Pronto and Marantz RC 5000 NAD Remote codes

NAD A/V receiver, DVD player using Philips Pronto and Marantz RC 5000 remote control systems Remote codes:

Tobii dynavox driver download

Please Note:


The following files are useful primarily to custom installers/dealers.

(For more information on remote IR codes, click here:


NAD USB audio driver for Windows

USB audio driver for Windows 7 and higher USB driver. Works with M12, M51, MDC DAC/DAC2, C390DD, C510, D1050, D3020, D7050 models.

NAD USB Audio Driver for Windows XP and Vista.
NAD USB Audio Driver v4.13 for Windows 7 and above.

PP 4 VinylStudio Lite

The PP 4 (or the older PP 3) comes a Mac and PC compatible version of AlpineSoft’s VinylStudio Lite ripping software is included with your new PP-4. With VinylStudio Lite you can:

  • Rip LPs into WAV files
  • Split Tracks
  • Burn CDs

To download your FREE copy of VinylStudio Lite for your PP4 please click on the links below:
Vinyl Studio lite for Windows : Here
Vinyl Studio lite MAC (OS X 10.6 and later): Here

To upgrade to the fully featured version of VinylStudio, please visit AlpineSoft’s own website and purchase the most intuitive software available for ripping LPs and burning CDs. Added to the basic functionality of VinylStudio Lite is a feature that looks up the song titles online, and handles all the necessary file management. If located, the duration of the songs is used as well, making the track-splitting very easy. VinylStudio’s powerful audio cleanup tools (you can trial these in VinylStudio Lite) can be used to remove clicks and pops restoring your songs to like new condition.

  • Rip LPs
  • Burn Cds
  • Records Disks
  • Splits Tracks
  • Looks up Song Title
  • Handles File Management

Visit: for complete information

NAD S170 PC control software

NAD S170 Setup: Allows for setup of the S170 via a PC using the RS-232 port. Software provides an interactive S170 frontpanel on your PC for simple configuration. Additionally, right mouse click anywhere in the control panel for a drop down menu. S170_v100.exe.

NAD S170 Upgrade

NAD S170 Upgrade: when unzipped, ‘readme.doc’ contains instructions:

This is version 3.03. Check the version number that you have before updating by simply pressing the MODE key on the unit while powering up.

NAD HTR PC Interface software

This software allows you to interface with and update the HTR 2, HTR 3, HTR 4, HTR 6, HTR 7, HTR 8, HTR L53, HTR L70, HTR L73, HTR L76, HTRC 1, HTRM and HTRM 2 Remote Controls.. HTRPCInterface2.10.exe (Released Date 2014-10-19)

NAD AVR PC Interface

Software to control, and configure your A/V receiver through it’s RS232 port.
Supported models: T765, T775, T785, T175, T765HD, T775HD, T785HD, T175HD, T775, T777, T758, T757, T187, M15HD, M17. Download here

Download Dynavox Drivers

HTR-5 software

Tobii Dynavox Driver Download

HTR-5 software: NAD-HTRDesigner.exe.

MDC 4K upgrade firmware and instructions

    • NAD is pleased to commence shipping of the MDC
    • for the M17, T 187, T 787, T 777 and the
    • for the T 758. The VM300 and VM130 bring your customers the latest Ultra HD video including HDMI 2.0b, High Dynamic Range (HDR) with full 4K at 60fps, 4:4:4 color resolution and HDCP 2.2.


For more information on Dirac Live for NAD click here