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This is the official Mobile TV website maintained by the DVB Project Office.

DVB-H, the specification for bringing broadcast services to battery-powered handheld receivers, was formally adopted as an ETSI standard in November 2004. Published by ETSI in March 2008, the DVB-SH specification is designed to enable the delivery of mobile TV services in S-band over hybrid satellite/terrestrial networks. The DVB-IPDC systems layer specifications cover such aspects as Electronic Service Guides, Content Download Protocols and Service Purchase and Protection.
Under Services you will find comprehensive information regarding service launches and trials; in the Technology section you can download the specifications, access test streams and learn more about how the technology works; and the Products page includes a list of companies offering DVB-H, DVB-SH and DVB-IPDC products and services. The FAQ gives clear answers to a series of key questions.

New 13/10/2009
: DVB-H service launched in Poland. more...
New 18/05/2009: Nationwide free-to-air DVB-H service set for launch in Iraq. more...
New 17/04/2009
: Four new DVB BlueBooks published. more...
New 04/03/2009
: Details added for KENTAVR DVB-H trial in Moscow. more...
New 17/02/2009
: More than 90,000 users for 3 Austria DVB-H service. more...


Download Dvb-tv Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Driver Download


Download Dvb-tv Mobile Phones & Portable Devices Drivers

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) is a set of international open standards for digital television.DVB standards are maintained by the DVB Project, an international industry consortium, and are published by a Joint Technical Committee (JTC) of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and European Broadcasting. DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld) is a mobile broadcast technology that allows for the digital terrestrial broadcast of live television channels to a mobile phone. Years ago, DVB-H was the buzz for mobile television, but only a few mobile manufacturers got on board the train years ago.