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Delta Air Lines. Check in, change seats, track your bag, check flight status, and more. Delta Air Lines Flight 191 was a regularly scheduled Delta Air Lines domestic service from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Los Angeles with an intermediate stop at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). On August 2, 1985, the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar operating Flight 191 encountered a microburst while on approach to land at DFW. The aircraft impacted ground over one mile (1.6 km) short of.

The Global Positioning System (GPS), originally Navstar GPS (stylized in capital letters in its logo), is a satellite-based radionavigation system owned by the United States government and operated by the United States Space Force. Passengers are required to remove any metal or electronic items from their person before entering the security queue (including mobile devices, watches, jewellery, wallets, keys) and place them in the tray at the security scanner to minimise the need for physical pat-downs. All airline lounges are closed to all passengers. GT Interactive’s cops n’ robbers driving game needs more substance. Driver is a tease. Initially, it overwhelms you with its premise and atmosphere, strutting its superb vehicle dynamics. It’s an interactive version of the best of the gritty 70s and 80s car chase movies.

As a result of a cyber attack on a contractor used by Delta Air Lines, hundreds of thousands of customers have had their sensitive information potentially leaked.

Hackers managed to breach a business called [24] to obtain access to Delta's customer names, addresses and payment card information including expiration dates, card numbers and CVV numbers. Delta was only notified last week of the intrusion that occurred between September 26 and October 12, 2017.

Delta is investigating the matter alongside federal law enforcement agencies to collect any available forensic evidence. There is not yet an exact number of impacted customers although current estimates place 'several hundred thousand' customers' data at risk.

Delta Airline Port Devices Driver Download

Personal information including passports, government issued ID, security statuses and SkyMiles have not been affected by the breach.

In this case, [24] was infected with a fairly unsophisticated strain of malware that attempted to intercept incoming payment information by grabbing form contents. As a result, only customers that tried to complete a transaction during the specified time frame by manually entering payment information are believed to be at risk. Customers using the Fly Delta app or auto-fill form data are presumed to be safe from the attack.

A dedicated response site has been set up by Delta so consumers can follow the investigation process and find out if any of their information may be among that which has been stolen. Customers may also be contacted by mail if their information is found to be compromised. Free credit monitoring will also be made available to those affected.

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Service Animals

Delta welcomes service animals in the aircraft cabin, such as dogs and monkeys trained to assist passengers with mobility, visual, or hearing disabilities.

A service animal must be in the floor space where the passenger sits and may not get in the way of an aisle or any area that needs to remain clear for emergencies. (no exit row seating available.)

Some locations (Hawaii, Great Britain, etc.) have quarantine laws for animals, or restrictions for animals to enter the country. See Health Requirements for more information.


  • Customers should always carry medication in carry-on luggage, and never in checked luggage.
  • Delta aircraft do not have refrigerators onboard. Advise customers to plan accordingly.
  • Customers that use needles or syringes to take medication, must have appropriate medical records to show their medical condition and need for the medical procedure, in case security officers have questions, or to satisfy foreign authorities when traveling outside the United States.
  • Customers must tell the cabin crew if they have used any needles during flight. The crew will provide the customer with a disposal container.
  • No intravenous devices can hang from the aircraft overhead, because they might interfere with emergency oxygen masks.
Delta Airline Port Devices Driver DownloadDelta airline port devices driver download windows 10

On Board Medical Oxygen

Delta allows passengers to use approved Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) with advance notification.

Assistive Devices

Delta will accept for transportation, without charge, any manually or battery operated mobility or assistive device.

Pregnant Travelers

Pregnant women do not need a medical certificate to travel. However, keep in mind that ticket change fees and penalties aren't waived for pregnancy.

If a customer is traveling after her eighth month, it's a good idea to check with a doctor to be sure it will be ok to travel.

Peanut Allergies

If you have a customer that has a peanut allergy, please contact Delta Sales Support or Delta Reservations in advance to have the peanut allergy information noted in the customer’s PNR.
When Delta is notified that a customer has a peanut allergy, we’ll refrain from serving peanuts and peanut products onboard the flight. We'll also advise cabin service to board additional non-peanut snacks, which will allow flight attendants to serve these snack items to everyone onboard.

On the day of travel, customers should notify the airport gate agent of the peanut allergy, if they would like to requests to pre-board and cleanse the immediate seating area.

Unfortunately, even with all the above precautions, we still can't guarantee that the flight will be completely peanut-free.

Delta Connection Carriers

Delta Airline Port Devices Driver Download Win 7

Please use the same policy guidelines as mainline Delta Air Lines.

Delta Airline Port Devices Driver Download

Please note: Delta Connection Carriers do not accept incubators, oxygen, respirators, ventilators, or on board wheelchairs.

Special Needs FAQ

For additional information on Special Travel needs visit the Special Needs FAQ.